We combine live productions with digital special effects to expand reality or create entirely new worlds. This can be done on location for outdoor broadcasts or in our AR/VR/XR studio.

We transmit extra dimensions live.


Augmented Reality (AR) is an exciting way to enhance live productions with special effects. This includes animated drone shows that don’t actually require drones, or special effects at concerts that take place on screens rather than on stage. We adjust the virtual, tracked 3D objects in real-time and incorporate them in a way that allows people in front of the cameras to interact with them. This creates a seamless integration of live and digital elements.

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Live discovering new worlds

Live Virtual Reality

Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, we create new worlds in which people and objects move live. It’s a real live program in a virtual environment. Production takes place in our own studio or in any other greenscreen studio around the world, because we have a transportable setup for multicamera productions in front of greenscreens and LED walls. We can go anywhere.

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From green to virtual worlds


For live virtual reality effects, we film shows, concerts, and product presentations in the classic way in front of a greenscreen. On the screens, the green background disappears completely, as we replace it live with a virtual environment. This technique is well-known from news studios or Hollywood blockbusters and opens up completely new worlds for our productions.

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In front of the camera into the virtual world


LED Walls are a further development of greenscreen technology. Here, virtual reality is visible in front of the camera, not just on the screens. This makes the setup of the studio and the production behind the cameras more complex, but provides more orientation for all actors. Green reflections on people and objects from the greenscreen (greenspill) are a thing of the past. In addition, light and reflections look more natural.

We can even make the LED surface appear larger in the live program than it actually is. This turns virtual reality into extended reality.

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